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Welcome to the FIH event media accreditation portal and thank you for your interest in covering FIH events. In order to apply for an event media accreditation, you must first register to use the FIH accreditation portal. It is essential that registrations are made with the applicant’s individual email address and not that of the sports desk, editor or a generic company email address as important event information will be sent to this registration address.

  • Step 1

    Register to use system

  • Step 2

    Apply for accreditation

  • Step 3

    Register for an event


Terms and conditions

Processing of personal information by FIH for the purposes of managing media accreditations relating to FIH International Events

By providing FIH with details of your personal information (“Personal Data”), you agree to such Personal Data being collected, stored and used by the FIH for up to 24 months, in any place required for its operation, for the purposes of facilitating your participation in an International Event. This consent includes the right for FIH to collect and process your Personal Data, including where necessary to share such data with law enforcement authorities and other third parties with whom it is necessary as part of the media accreditation process.

Before registering, it is important that you read our “Rules for Media Representatives at FIH Events”, which contains information about News Access Rules and what is and is not permitted at FIH events. To view this document, click here.

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